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Request photography services, or images from our vast collection ...
This service is for requests that require graphic design OR printing work.


*Jobs that require only design work and an electronic file delivered.
*Jobs that require design work and a printed product.
Do you have something that needs printed and want to send to Print Services?
If you need information prior to submitting, you can submit an email to, or call at x5755.
Request video production services.
To request anything PR related: Employment Postings, Homepage Spotlight, News Releases, Outdoor Marquee Announcements, Portal News Updates and Special Events Needs.
For assistance using social media or promotion help from the main social media accounts.
To order standard business cards, AU letterhead & envelopes.

Please note: Anything with a different logo, special design, unique phone number or a different type of stationery should be submitted as a design/print project.
To get information and help with anything related to the AU website.
Download either letterhead or Power Point templates here.
Submit a request to display on campus digital signs.